Making Money As A Stay At Home Mom

Life as a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) has plenty of ups and downs. Most days are super busy and the thought of making money as a stay at home mom as well as running the household can be extremely daunting. (But have hope – it can be done)

Being a Stay At Home Mom is nothing like I ever imagined it to be

When I was trying to conceive and throughout my pregnancy I always dreamt of the days where I was home with my new baby all day.

I’d dream my house would be spotless, my washing and ironing up to date, and a yummy dinner on the table each night plus cupcakes and whatever else I’d baked that day! Oh how much further from the truth could my imagination have been!! (I’m sure I must have thought that the baby would just sit in the bouncer all day or something!)

But the reality of being a Stay At Home Mom obviously turned out much differently to how I pictured. The reality is babies don’t just sit and sleep in the bouncer all day, they are hungry (on and off all day long), they are tired (but will only go to sleep if you’re holding them), they vomit or mess their nappies and clothes (you can bath them a couple of times a day!)

Reality is the baby takes up your whole day!

You’re extremely lucky to get a load of washing done (even luckier if you get the time to hang it on the line to dry) let alone cook dinner and bake cupcakes etc for hubby’s lunch tomorrow!

Obviously the events of the day for a Stay At Home Mom change as the child gets older. As they grow they want your attention in a different way. They want to be entertained all day! They want to play or go to the park or do art and crafts. (Oh but they are still hungry all day!) And you can spend your time setting up an activity for your little one and they literally can sit and do that activity with you for 5 mins and then they are over it and are ready to move on to the next fun thing!

Is it nap time yet?

Every Stay At Home Mom I know would hang out for nap time during the toddler years. It was the time you set aside each day to do your chores without interruption. Of course reality is you were so tired and desperate to finally have peace when your toddler was napping that you usually would end up plonking yourself in front of the daytime soaps on TV to have some mind numbing zone out time and the washing would have to wait for another time! (Or you would try and catch up on a nap yourself – don’t even get me started about the middle of the night routine of a baby!!)

But as a Stay At Home Mom – you just wouldn’t have it any other way

The thought of sending your child to childcare is scary. How can you leave them with strangers? What if you miss out on their important milestones? Who would cuddle and comfort them the way only you can? But unless hubby makes a really good income, you soon start to miss that income you use to bring in before your baby arrived and brought with it a long list of new expenses!

And so the desire to earn some money grows

For some moms the expenses far outweigh hubby’s income and so have no choice but to return to the workforce. (And that’s ok – no judgement here people!) For others the main expenses are covered but are so use to the finer things in life that the need to earn some money becomes a desperate desire. (Mother’s groups can be very competitive and expensive if you decide to ‘try’ and keep up!)

Searching was NO help!

Don’t waste your time (and money) like I did when this desperate desire sets in – searching the net for the perfect way you can earn money online as a SAHM. (Read more here about the time and money I wasted!)

But… Making money as a Stay at home mom can be done. And I’ve living proof of that!

(I’m not making enough to retire anytime soon, but I’m doing ok at making a part time income.)

My youngest is now nearly 3 and the oldest nearly 8 (going on 18!) Life is busy – with all the running around on top of all the other daily chores. The school run, (morning and afternoon), the trips to soccer training and dance practice. And then both children also do swimming lessons (of course on different days of the week). Honestly – I wouldn’t have time to work a 9 to 5 job if I had to!

The need to contribute financially is real!

I did feel the need to start to earn money for myself again. I felt I wanted to contribute financially as well as domestically! (My husband never put the pressure on me to start to earn money – I guess if anything I put the pressure on myself as I wanted to take some of the financial burden off of him)

Completing Online Surveys = Frustrating Times

I spent a lot of time (in between entertaining my youngest or while she was napping) signing up to online survey sites and completing surveys. Although a lot of time I either didn’t satisfy the requirements to complete certain surveys or in order to make money completing surveys I’d have to take up offers (which would mostly cost me more money than what the initial survey was paying!) Aaargh! It was frustrating – I often felt I was going backwards – all while my desire to earn extra money for our family grew stronger!

Making money as a stay at home mom can actually be achieved!

By the time I finally came across an actual real way making money as a stay at home mom could be achieved my youngest was old enough to entertain herself for short periods of time. This meant I could seize some time to spend at my computer each day while she was playing with her dolls. And when she was done with her dolls I’d have the play dough set up for her and again she was old enough to sit and play with the play dough while I was sitting working at the computer. (She was always in my eyesight – never fear!)

No un-interrupted time for us moms!

Of course the time I spend working on my computer is never un-interrupted time! As a stay at home mom you don’t get long periods of interrupted time – ever! That’s why it’s handy that as a mom you’ve already learnt to multitask!

And the days where my child is sick or just doesn’t give me the time I need to spend on the computer I usually get a couple of hours at the computer after both children are in bed. (Again my children are now going on 3 and 8 – so once they are in bed they are usually there for the night and I’m no longer up and down all night – every night like I was when they were younger)

You must put in the time to make money as a stay at home mom!

Whilst making money as a stay at home mom isn’t nearly as easy as what most of the scam get rich quick sites claim (you know the ones with the pictures of beautiful beaches, fast cars and mansions) – but it definitely can be done. But you should know – it does take your time. Time to spend learning from the educational tools and time to spend on creating your very own profitable website.

My personal experience of making money as a stay at home mom

If you’d like to know more about the real way I’ve found making money as a stay at home mom can be achieved click here to read my personal experience at Wealthy Affiliate.

And as always if you have any questions or comments on how I’ve managed at making money as a stay at home mom whilst juggling the family household please ask/comment below and I’ll be happy to answer the best way I can!


My Experience at Wealthy Affiliate

In my search to find a way to make money from home I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Completed lots of research and decided I wanted to give it a go so I signed up (for free) and now Im going to share with you my experience at Wealthy Affiliate.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop, all-inclusive education program that guides its users step by step thru how to succeed at Affiliate Marketing. (This includes easy directions on how to create professional websites)

But how does Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to succeed at Affiliate Marketing?

My experience at Wealthy Affiliate has set me up with all the knowledge and tools to be successful at Affiliate Marketing. It takes you thru a Certification course (full of extensive information) which is a 5 level program. The information is delivered thru interactive discussions; video and tutorial training, question and answer periods, and tasks based training modules which are continually up-dated and second to none.

Wealthy affiliate not only offers the education but also the tools to creating and hosting a successful online business thru your very own websites. With over 850000 members the community is an extremely powerful networking tool where members offer each other advice and support. (It’s a wonderful place!)

Why I chose to sign up at Wealthy Affiliate?

I was extremely wary about signing up for something else. (I’d been scammed in the past and lost money – I’m not a dumb person but these scammers can be quite convincing). But Wealthy Affiliate offers a $0 Starter membership so I really had nothing to lose. (They don’t even want your credit card number to become a Stater Member) Of course they do offer a higher level of membership called a Premium Membership which gives you access to everything they offer and 25 free websites!

As a starter member you have access to the first training module, 2 free websites (yes free) and the community. They also give you the first 7 days free to try the premium membership. (So effectively you get to try before you buy)

My experience as a starter member at wealthy affiliate was so enjoyable and empowering – it didn’t take me long to know that I’d found a pretty powerful program and was just hungry to learn it all. I soon signed up to become a Premium Member!

Who should join Wealthy Affiliate? 

Anyone and Everyone should join Wealthy Affiliate. No matter what your background or skill set, Wealthy Affiliate offers their step by step training in an easy to understand way that everyone and anyone can grasp. (You just need access to the internet)

But it’s not just for newcomers that have never had their own business before or know nothing about creating websites and writing content. Successful business people also reach a new level of success after joining Wealthy Affiliate as it offers the tools to also take an already successful business up to a whole new level!

What’s actually does an Affiliate Marketing involve on a daily basis?

The easiest way to explain what an Affiliate Marketer does to make money online is this – they choose a niche (usually a topic you have a lot of knowledge or interest in), build a website on their niche, get traffic to visit their website which will then welcome revenue.

Sounds easy – and it is, but know that it does take a lot of work. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s real work, for your real online business that requires work just like any other business!

There is a lot of writing articles and content. This is easy and quite enjoyable because you picked your own niche so it’s about stuff you enjoy.

How do I rate my experience at Wealthy Affiliate?

9 out of 10 stars

What can I say – my experience at Wealthy Affiliate has enabled me to make an income from home with my very own business with very minimal start up costs!

I definitely rate it 9 out of 10 stars! The only reason it doesn’t get a 10 is because I’m a bit of a hard marker and I feel rating anything full marks is a bit cheesy (just my opinion)

I unquestionably recommend you sign up to the $0, starter membership. Take advantage of the free 7 days access as a Premium member and if (like me) you enjoyed the extra tools and course content offered as a Premium member be sure to sign up in the first 7 days. You get the first month for a reduced fee of $19 and thereafter each month is $49/month (US Dollars). My experience at Wealthy Affiliate – it will be there with the best money you have ever spent!

Product:   Wealthy Affiliate

Rating: 9 out of 10             


Starter Membership: $0

Premium Membership: $49 per month / $359 per year

(Cancel anytime you like – I don’t think you’ll need this feature though)

Wealthy Affiliate has really been a game changer to my income. Again note: it’s NOT a get rich quick scheme – put the time and effort in and the money will come.

It’s $0 to join as a Starter MemberJoin here now and get a start to earning the income you desire from the comfort of your own home. You really do have nothing to lose and income (and knowledge) to gain!

If you have any questions about my experience at Wealthy Affiliate or if you would like to add your own review of Wealthy Affiliate please do so below. I love to hear that other people are succeeding too!